Gear List

Overview of the gear I use

Most of the stuff is available with multiple vendors and I encourage you to search your local sites and shops for the best possible prices. That’s why I didn’t include any links.


Canon 5D Mark IV

My main work horse for the last few month. I’m a bit of a Canon guy just because I’m so used to their menus, color sciene, etc. If you’re getting into the hobby or want to upgrade your existing setup, this might not necessarily be the best choice for you. This goes for most of the stuff on this list: just because I use something doesn’t mean it’s also right for you and your use case 🙂


Canon 24-70mm f2.8L

One of the lenses that’s declared a “must have” by a lot of photographers. With a full-frame sensor you get a nice focal distance range and the ability to step down to 2.8 is always welcome. Image quality is superb, as expected from an L series lens.

Canon 100mm Macro f2.8L

This lens changed my photography. Having the ability to get close to your subject and take in all the details enabled me to get the fantastic shots of artisans you can see in the gallery. It also helps to get great angles and details on board shots.


Yongnuo YN360 Pro

My first LED light I acquired. Provides RGB and configurable white light. It doesn’t see as much use today but it’s great to have the option to add colors to the picture or if you need an elongated light source.

Yongnuo YN600 Air

My main light when it comes to shooting artisan caps and most keyboards. It has a good size, is easy to handle and already quite diffused on its own. Can be further diffused if you need even softer light (see Additional Gear for that).

Yongnuo YN216

Got this because I thought I needed a spot instead of more large area lights. It has its uses in certain situations but it’s not necessarily a very universal light in my experience. Did help me with the GMK Lunar and Apollo shots though as it is the only of my light sources that could produce harsh enough light to simulate the conditions in space.

Neweer Softbox Set

This was my first set of lighting I bought before I realized how much better LED lighting is for my use case. A bit big and cumbersome to set up but it also has it’s uses cases. Wouldn’t necessary recommend it as your first buy.

Aputure MC

This little marvel went the rounds through multiple photography Youtuber channels and it well earns the praises it got. Compact, integrated battery with good runtime, high output volume, configurable RGB and White channels via App/BT, chargeable over USB-C or wireless… this thing does it all. Great option for color spots or getting light where the big ones won’t go.


Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB

One of the oldest pieces of gear I still have in my possession and a testament to why you shouldn’t cheap out in buying your tripod. Don’t get me wrong, any tripod is probably better than no tripod… especially for object photography. But good gear is worth the money as it pays you back in longevity and versatality.

Gorillapod 5k Kit

Always wanted to have something smaller and more mobile than my other tripods and the Gorillapod fits that bill perfectly. It’s capability to adapt to almost any situation can help tremendously. (I often use it as a stand for my lights for instance)

Additional Gear

Neewer 5-in-1-Oval 100x150cm Reflektor/Diffusor

Nowadays I mainly use the diffuser capabilities of this but the overall package is pretty nifty. The gold foil can help warming up a light source if you bounce it of.

Foamboard Black/White, different sizes

These things are super useful as backdrops, reflectors, light blocker, etc etc