By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea!

You and me, you and me, oh how happy we’ll be!

By the beautiful sea, musical “For Me and My Gal”


65%, 6.25/7u spacebars, stepped/normal capslock, ISO/ANSI fixed plates

Designed by

Max/westfoxtrot from CableCarDesign




Plate is used as the accent piece between top and bottom case, numbered weights

The aanzee1no, that’s not a typo – the board name is intended to be written lower case was run as a limited numbers GB at the end of 2018. Only 25 aluminium and 10 polycarb (PC) aanzee were available, all of them sold out. Both versions have numbered weights showing x/25 or x/10 respectively. The weight also features the fantastic aanzee logo, which was re-designed from the initial prototype for the GB by @morganadelmeida who also did the packaging, deskmat, etc for the project. You can see those and also enjoy the full unboxing experience of an aanzee in the video below from Jae’s buildstream (starts at 7:47).

aanzee is Dutch for “by the sea”

The aanzee is a board with only minimal accent features, that not only make it looking classy and refined on any desk but also allows the user to personalize it thanks to the badge in the upper left corner. During the GB it was possible to order custom engraved versions of these badges and I decided to get one with a meme I had come up with shortly beforehand besides the default aanzee badge.

aanzee with kwärtz badge and GMK Oblivion R2

Even though the GB didn’t go smoothly for me, as my board was damaged in shipping from the manufacturer and had to be remade with a different one, and I had to wait quite a bit for the board, it still is one of my favorites in the collection. Max knows his stuff when it comes to combining looks, sound and typing feel in a keyboard and the aanzee is absolutely no exception to that.

Build Information






bead-blasted brass


Trash Pandas (Trash YOKs, Halo Clear Stem, 72g SPRIT springs (lubed with Krytox 106), lubed with 3204)


GMK Screw-In, lubed with 205g0