Better call it “isolation mount” than gasket

Jae from Proto[typist], Designer and maker of the J-01


Extended 65% (Left hand double-row macro cluster), 6.25 spacebar, stepped/normal capslock, ISO/ANSI fixed plates

Designed by

Jae from proto[Typist]


Isolation (Gasket)


Brass pen-rail accent on the top

The J-01 is a very unique keyboard, in many ways. It’s the first of a whole series of boards that Jae, founder and owner of proto[Typist] and host of the very well known community show TopClack, envisioned. It is basically the test bed for a special mounting system he devised, which he dubbed full-isolation-mount. It works by sandwiching the plate/pcb combination with multiple layers of gaskets to ensure no kind of vibration can be transferred between them and the case. This combined with a case construction designed specifically around it ensures that you get some of the cleanest switch sound possible.

To better understand the whole construction, you can watch the build video of the prototype by none other than the designer himself.

The J-01 was designed around providing an optimal sound experience

Another quite unique feature (at least at the time of release) is the very prominent brass pen rail at the top of the board. Inspired by vintage boards, where a dip or rail to rest your pens on was common, this not only works as an accent to break up the front of the board but also has a real functional purpose!

Interesting to note is also the “extended” 65% layout, with the enlarged spaces between the main cluster, right side column and the arrows as well as the additional two column macro cluster on the left hand side.

Shot of the J-01 taken late at night when I was bored and waiting for something

The J-01 is a very special and unique experience, so it’s a bit sad that only 17 boards were ever made in a small prototype run. Luckily the design proofed sucessfull enough to warrant the next board in line, the 60% J-02, to go ahead into a full fledged GB. This should allow a bigger crowd to experience the unique sound and typing experience the J-series design brings to the hobby.

Additional Videos

If you haven’t had enough views of the board or it’s internal makeup yet, here are some additional buildstreams

The Apiary

Taeha Types

Build Information








Zeal bottom, SPRIT 63.5g Slow Curve (lubed with 106), Vintage Black Stem, Switch Film, Cherry top, lubed with 205g0


GMK Screw-In, lubed with 205g0